Current Trail Conditions

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Current Trail conditions

 UPDATED 9 April 2019


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The Dunes Trail is in good condition. Being coastal, the trail may have short stretches with sand on the track. You may need to walk a few metres. Take care if you choose to ride through any sand.

The eastern end (furthest from Opotiki) is due for a mow.

The trail traverses an area of cultural and environmental significance. Please do not use unmarked tracks through the dunes. Your respect is appreciated.



The Pakihi is OPEN. It was maintained in late March.

The top half of the track (Motu Road to the Pakihi hut) is well packed down; most of the top 5km has been raked. There are a few places with rock debris but largely the top half of the track is in excellent condition.

On the lower half (hut-Pakihi road), there are some short sections where you must walk, regardless of your skill level. This includes Boulders, at the 16km mark, where you need to walk a short stretch in the river bed.

You will need to lift/carry your bike at least twice — ebikers and those with panniers/bike packing bags, be ready for this!

Many people will want to walk more, due to debris on the track, and the narrow nature of the track. Ride within your skills. If in any doubt, walk a section. Approach the track with the mindset: walking some bits is part of the Pakihi Track experience.

If you walk over a slip, always carry the bike on the outside of the track. Walk as close to the inside of the track as possible.

Do NOT rush your Pakihi ride, the track is one to treat with respect and care. It's an incredible track, but it is uncompromising of error.

Especially if riding alone, a personal locator beacon (PLB) is highly recommended.

We love it when people help us by removing rocks or windfalls from the track!

If you come across a significant new slip, please report it to us with a description, location, and your contact details. Thank you.



Motu Road is in good condition.

For driving, the Motu Road is always advised as 4WD vehicles only. When wet, a 2WD will struggle. If doing a drop-off — take a shuttle if you can.

Please be aware that logging has just resumed from the Whitikau valley, 18km north of Motu village on Motu Road. Log trucks will be taking logs to Gisborne so using Motu Road. This will be an 18-24 month operation and may run 7 days, weather permitting.

Log truck drivers have been asked to slow or stop if they see cyclists approaching from the opposite direction on Motu Road. Please, courtesy on all sides will help avoid problems. Please wave or smile a thank you to drivers for being courteous to you.

The whole Motu Road does have the occasional vehicle, so take care at all times. Most importantly, going downhill, stay left on blind corners. Share the road with care.



Rere Falls Trail is largely in good condition.

If riding from/to Matawai, take care on the 7km of SH2, riding single file. If riding Rakauroa rd, be aware there is a quarry near the SH2 end so you may see a couple of heavy trucks.




Burma and Maraetotara roads are in good condition.

Rawhiti mountain bike park near Ohope has been permanently closed. Onepu Mountain Bike Park between Whakatane and Kawerau is recommended.

Te Waiti Track is about 90% rideable. You need to dismount a lot to pass short obstacles, but there is no prolonged bike carrying. There is one large windfall trunk that is tricky to pass. The track is straightforward for walking or running, for anyone used to backcountry tracks. Riding Te Waiti is of a fairly advanced level due to, in places, narrow track and drop-offs.

Whakaumu track has not had maintenance for some time and is in rough condition. You can ride about 98% of the first 4km, but it is very overgrown.

Taheke Road (Block Access Rd) which accesses Whakaumu Track is in good condition. Take care for cars or forestry traffic.

Otipi Road — is fine for skilled/prepared riders with suitable cycles or motorbikes, but access to the Motu River by car is not possible. You could get a quad bike the full distance, but so far as we are aware, cars have only got to a point about 2km from the river.

Otipi road is massively isolated and very hilly. The riding is not especially technical but due to the isolation and elevation up to 900m, it needs treating with respect.












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