Trail Conditions


Trail Conditions

Before you ride, be sure you know what to expect.

Check the weather forecast and, if there's heavy rain or high wind on the way, be prepared to delay.

Pakihi Track especially is back-country and is prone to slips and windfalls.

Before you head off, check the trail conditions link on this website. That way you'll know what to expect, as much as possible.

If you want further detail about what to expect, contact us.

By the way, we love it when people clear rocks or branches from the Pakihi Track. In such dynamic terrain, it all helps keep the track great.  


[Updated 26 Nov 2021] Dunes Trail is open but the Tirohanga beach section has a short section of washed out trail. You may need to walk a short section.

At the 800m point of the trail, you cross Snell road, which currently has a lot of trucks doing work in preparation for the new Opotiki harbour development. You need to follow any controls.

The Dunes Trail gets wind blown sand at times. Take care if riding through any sand.

The Dunes Trail traverses an area of cultural and environmental significance. Please do not use unmarked tracks through the dunes. Your respect is appreciated.

[Updated 26 Nov 2021] Pakihi Track has a couple of places where you must lift the bike up and over windfall trunks. There are also several places where you must walk the bike.

Note that the lower half of the track has sections that get rock debris almost continually, so you WILL get places with rock and gravel debris on the track. We do our best to remove it quickly.

Please! We don't want accidents! Pakihi is an advanced-grade track because it has a lot of drop-offs and is very dynamic terrain. Pakihi is not a track for inexperienced riders.

Be prepared with warm clothes, repair kit, and a PLB. Keep speed down. Walk any areas that are signed or of concern. Treat the track with respect and it’s a wonderful experience but that respect factor is essential to stay safe.

Track conditions on Pakihi change dramatically as soon as there is bad weather.


[updated 26 Nov 2021] Motu Road is open. 

You may see logging trucks at both ends of Motu Road. Log truck drivers have been asked to slow or stop if they see cyclists approaching. Please, courtesy on all sides is essential. Please show drivers respect, just as you expect them to respect you.

You may meet vehicles at any stage on Motu Road. Take care at all times. Most importantly, going downhill, stay left on blind corners. Share the road with care.

For driving, the Motu Road is always advised as 4WD vehicles only. When wet, a 2WD will struggle. Take a shuttle if you can.


[Updated 26 Nov 2021] Rere Falls Trail is in good condition, remembering of course, it has 27km of back-country gravel road.

If riding from/to Matawai, take care on the 7km of SH2. Ride single file and stay left. The highway is narrow and there can be a fair amount of traffic at times.

If riding Rakauroa Road, be aware there is a quarry near the SH2 end so you may see a couple of heavy trucks.

Burma and Maraetotara Roads are in good condition.

Rawhiti Mountain Bike Park near Ōhope is permanently CLOSED. Onepu Mountain Bike Park between Whakātane and Kawerau is recommended.

Whataupoko Reserve / Fox Street MTB area offers awesome riding. Check the Gisborne MTB club Facebook for latest park status.

Te Waiti Track is about 80% rideable. It is in rough condition. You need to dismount a lot to pass short obstacles. There are windfall trunks that are tricky to pass. The track is straightforward for walking or running, for anyone used to backcountry tracks. Riding Te Waiti is of a fairly advanced level due to, in places, narrow track and drop-offs.

Whakaumu Track has not had maintenance for some time and is in rough condition. You can ride about 80% of the first 4km, but it is very overgrown.

Taheke Road (Block Access Rd) which accesses Whakaumu Track is in good condition. Take care for cars or forestry traffic.

Mangakirikiri valley Please note that the valley is currently under harvest. Please don't ride into any area where there are signs/banners saying access is prohibited. Remember, Mangakirikiri is private land.

Otipi Road — is fine for skilled/prepared riders with suitable cycles or motorbikes, but access to the Motu River by car is not possible.

Otipi road is massively isolated and very hilly. The riding is not especially technical but due to the isolation and elevation up to 900m, it needs treating with respect.

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