Current trail conditions

UPDATED 11 Sept 2017


> Pakihi Track OPEN.

> Dunes Trail OPEN.

> Motu Road OPEN

> Rere Falls Trail OPEN.



The Dunes Trail is open. The 600m section across the beach often has sand on it. Care is required and you may need to walk some of this.

There is rutting on some sections of the eastern end of trail. Take care.

The trail crosses an area of cultural and environmental significance. Please do not use unmarked tracks in the dunes. Your respect is appreciated.

The trail is not affected by seawater unless there's a storm, but if you want to see tide times, please refer to the [MetService Tide Table].

At some entrances to the linking Otara Stopbank Trail, concrete blocks have been put up to barrier motorbike access to the trail, you may need to dismount.


The Pakihi has some on-track rock debris on the lower half of the track. There are also several small slips and windfalls. For winter it is in reasonable condition but to ride at present you should have good skills, ride slow and take care. 

We love it when people help us by removing rocks from the track!

There is a small scale log harvest from the Pakihi Road, which you use after riding the Pakihi Track. There are 1-2 logging trucks per weekday. Trucks will be piloted on the way out as far as the intersection of Pakihi/Te Waiti roads. There are clear signs. If you have concerns you can contact Ross Green of Forest Link at 021 875 170 or 07 322 2334 or []

The Pakihi Track is back country. Especially in very wet or very dry months, you may come across fresh windfalls and debris/rock falls. Especially if riding alone, a personal locator beacon (PLB) is highly recommended [hire from Opotiki i-SITE].

If you come across a significant new slip, please report it to [] with a description, location, and your contact details. Thank you.


Motu Road is open, please note the southern end has had several major dropouts beside the road and requires real caution.

For driving any part of the road, the Motu Road is advised as for 4WD vehicles only, though it is currently in good condition.

There is logging taking place from Whitikau valley, about 18km from Motu settlement (near the top entrance of the Pakihi Track). You may encounter logging or roadwork trucks on the Motu end of the Motu Road, on weekdays and Saturday mornings. Truck drivers have been briefed on cyclists.

When riding, remember the Motu Road does have the occasional vehicle, so take care at all times. Most importantly, going downhill, stay left on blind corners. Share the road with care.


No issues have been reported on Rere Falls Trail. If riding from the Motu Road (Matawai) take care on the 7km highway section to Te Wera Road.


A lot of debris and some windfalls on the track.